The Cost Of Insuring Britain’s Most Valuable Footballer -Wayne Rooney (Infographic)

Wayne Rooney from Manchester United most expensive insurance

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All of us have insurance on at least a few of the important things in our lives (car and home insurance being the most common.) Vet these are hardly the only types of insurance out there. Celebrities and sports stars, for example, routinely insure the body parts that are critical to their success and earning power. Of course, this level of insurance comes at a steep price • it costs a lot more to insure Heidi Klum’s legs than your Ford Focus with One Sure. But how much, exactly? today, we’ll look at the cost of insuring Britain’s most valuable footballer:


Like any insurable asset, we begin by assessing what Wayne Rooney is worth. What is his market value? One measure is his weekly salary. According to The Sun. the 25.year-old football star re-signed with Manchester United en a five year contract that will pay upwards of £250,000 per week. Over the life of deal that equated to: £.65M (or El3)A annually.)


We can also assess Rooney’s market value by looking at his income from other sources as well. Although the football star does not totally disclose this figure (for obvious privacy reasons) the financial press has done a good job of estimating it. In September 2010, This Is Money tallied up not just Rooney’s salary, but also his image rights, publishing deals and commercial endorsements:

  • Image Rights £7.3M
  • Commerical Endorsement £1.83M
  • Publishing i £750,000


Another method underwriters use to price insurance policies is looking at comparables. or sirnilar assets in the marketplace. Insurance on a Lamborghini gets priced (somewhat) relative to insurance on a Ferrari. In Wayne Rooney’s case, we might look at David Beckham. another high•flying football star. Beckham has reportedly insured his ankle bone with Lloyd’s of London.

Though the value and premiums of Beckham’s policy are not published, they would certainly be consulted in pricing a policy for Rooney.


With a market value established, the question becomes what. exactly, are we insuring? After all, Rooney cannot just walk into Lloyds of London and insure “himself” as a whole. Like other celebrities, he can only insure specific body parts or appendages critical to his earnings. In Wayne’s case, what would likely he insured are his feet. ESPN provides an estimate.

Estimated Yearly Income €22.9M

Premium Body Part Feet

Injury History Broken metatarsal in right foot, June 2004 & April 2006; Broken metatarsal in left foot, August 2007

Insurance Quote €308,185



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