How To Use WhatsApp On Blackberry Without BIS Plan

How To Install WhatsApp on BlackBerry without BIS Plan

One of the reasons why I hate blackberry is that it does not allow me to access internet without its standard BIS plan. Without it, I cannot use WhatsApp which has become an essential app for direct communication with my friends and contacts.

But since everything has a way, I found my way to use WhatsApp without BIS plan.

Here’s how you can use WhatsApp in your Blackberry without BIS plan:

  1. Go to Menu –> Options –> Advanced Options –> TCP/IP
  2. Here, you’ll need to enter your APN manually. Different mobile carriers have different APN’s. Google is the most trusted and informative source to retrieve information related to APN’s. Some of them are:
    • Airtel –
    • Vodafone – www or portalnmms or web
    • Idea – internet
    • BSNL – celloneportal
    • MTNL – mmsmtnlmum or gprsmtnlmum
    • If you didnt see APN for your Mobile Company / Country. Here’s the Complete List of APN (Wordwide)
  3. This may disable – BlackBerry Browser, BlackBerry Email, BB Messenger and other apps made by RIM BlackBerry.
  4. But the good news is that you can now go to the Blackberry App World and install WhatsApp.
  5. If you don’t have the Blackberry App World, you can always install it via Wi-Fi connection.

26 thoughts on “How To Use WhatsApp On Blackberry Without BIS Plan

  1. I have loaded WhatsApp on my Blackberry Phone but when I try to install, I get this message:
    “Verification requires a working wifi or cellular data connection, but we couldn’t find either one”. Please what is the solution? I use Glo in Ghana. Thank you

  2. i have read your above blog and have tried to do so in my blackberry bold 5 but i am not able to find out option – advance option – tcp/ip. May be your this blog help to run whatsapp with standard blackberry internet plan and any help many more via me.
    So, please write in details for help

  3. They removed Whatsapp from Appworld 🙁
    I have bold 9700 and deleted whatsapp which was loaqded when I had BIS
    Now I don’t have BIS and the application does not appear so I cannot download it

  4. I have loaded WhatsApp on my Blackberry Phone but when I try to install, I get this message:
    “Verification requires a working wifi or cellular data connection, but we couldn’t find either one”. Please what is the solution?

      1. Go to options/ applications / thirdpirty click on blackbeRry button Edit permissions. Make connection “allow” if it doesn’t work make it “custom”.

        1. Yes . This is correct. I was same massage. When you change these allow,the device will restart. After that all are ok. Now its working. Thanks a lot.

  5. APN settings can only be changed in Blackberry OS 5 or less. All higher models will not allow you to change their settings. Furthermore,you can activate any normal 2G plan & open the homepage of whatsapp and directly you can download and install it from there. I did the same but I was having 3G plan instead of 2G but not BIS ofcourse.

  6. Hi All,
    I am using BB 9900 and I have change the APN to www (India Vodafone) and Enabled the APN settings
    but still I am unable to use FB and all . I can able to brouse internet but not able to use any apps like FB , gtalk and all . So can you please help me ?

  7. I am using BB system software 6.0.0 I can access internet thru Wi Fi but I cannot make Whatsapp to work. When I typed my cel number, I have a message, “Verification requires a working wifi or cellular data connection, but we couldn’t find either one.” I can use internet but Whatsapp says no wifi. Please tell me whether there is anything wrong with my hardware, the BB phone. Thank you.

  8. I am using bold 9700 and hav updated the os version from os5 to os6 and my phone is connected to wifi but cannot send or recieve whatsapp messages from only wifi or wifi preffered option.
    Plz someone help.

    1. FACEBOOK is working now. But Whatsapp stops working….then I have to pull the battery again and it will work for a while.
      Regarding the APN settings – I presume APN Settings must be enabled, and APN Authentication must be enabled?
      Also, where to I insert the APN? There are 3 spaces where I can type:
      Username for APN:
      Password for APN:
      Thank you so much for your help!

  9. I tried it and it worked perfectly however, when i wanted to use the BIS plan, i was unable to use certain browsers despite returning it to the original settings.

  10. hi guy i did buy a blackberry 9930 in few days a go, but i can’t access INTERNET it just say”Browsing over the cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan. to brows the web , you must use wifi or contact your service provider to change your service plan”, and i try to connect in a wi – fi it’s also show an error,

    please anyone help!!!!!

  11. I am using Blackberry torch 9810 without BIS.When I m installing whats app through wifi connection after open it it show that not supported.What can I do??

  12. I download my watsapp and it keep saying confirm your country code I did confirm it but it doesn’t work I’m using my old number that was my watsapp mobile

  13. I can’t even download on my blackberry curve 8520 without BIS. I connect to Wi Fi and d result is the same. Please I need help.

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