5 Simple Ways To Create Value In Your Organization

5 SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE VALUE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION Do you have a job where you work for XYZ company?

If you answered yes – Are you creating value in your organization i.e. maximizing their return of investment on you?

They pay you a salary right, and they expect to get more than what they pay you. Here are 5 simple ways how you could create value in your organization and maximize their profits.

1. Invest on new knowledge – One of the best things you could do to create value in your organization is to invest on acquiring new knowledge. Read a book. take a MOOC course, attend workshops, conferences and webinars, etc that you think would help you to grow, both in your professional and personal life. Adopt the Never Stop Learning’ philosophy in life and you shall maximize your life’s return of investment. Unthink, Made to Stick, To sell is human – these are just 3 books out of the many I’ve read, totally unrelated to my day job but have tremendously helped me to excel at my work place.

2. Healthy diet – The way your body functions is determined by what you feed it everyday. Give it a shot for yourself. Grab a sugary doughnut with coffee one morning and then have steel cut oatmeal on another. Take note of your moods and how you feel 90 min after you eat. I guarantee you’ll see a big difference. And not just the calorie diet but also be conscious of what you feed your mind too. Stay away from the junk news early in the morning. There’s a lot of negativity in them anyways and the last thing you want to learn while starting your day at work is to know how a tourist climber was captured somewhere in West Africa and then beheaded. Follow the morning rituals to maximize your productivity, consume nutritious, super foods and stay away from the negativity, optimal performance will be yours.

3. Emotional Intelligence – This is an absolute essential skill to have to be a linchpin in your organization. If you are able to monitor your own and other people’s emotions, and discriminate between different emotions, you can then use the emotional information to guide thinking and behavior at work. This maximizes the company’s return of investment and also helps you to make an emotional connection with your colleagues while giving them a feeling of sensory relaxation when they are around you. Do not be pretentious at work. The world already has a lot of them. The human psychology is geared to appreciate emotional relationship. Be human.

4. Time management – If you are a master in managing your time efficiently, you’ll be able to get your projects packed and shipped on time, thus having satisfied customers and an even more satisfied boss. Being able to manage one’s time is an absolute necessity in today’s world because all we got is 168 hours in a week. And it’s totally upon us to maximize its value. Learn to be productive with your time at work and outside of work, and see yourself grow. No matter what you’re doing in life, just remember this – the clock’s always ticking…

5.Love your work – Make a list of all the things you believe you like in your work. If you hate your work, then let me help you with a few things on your list. I like my work because it helps me to think thus giving my brain a good exercise. I like my work because it helps me to pay my bills. I like my work because I get to surround myself with experienced professionals in my field. Try to come up with at least 10 things on your list and then chant your list every day – once before going to work and once at the end of the day. But here’s the hook, before you chant, replace the word ‘like’ with ‘love’ and see the magic happen.

If you just follow these 5 simple steps, you’re sure to get noticed in your organization. And if you thought that nobody would notice this effort from your side, just remember that the boss is always keeping an eye on you.

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