Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free

Yes, you can download Microsoft Office 365 absolutely for free. But catch is, only if you are a student or lecturer and have email ID which ends with EDU, say [email protected] or [email protected]

But wait, even if you don’t have student email address then you can get one for free from here>>

Once you get the student email ID follow following steps to get free Microsoft Office 365.

Step 1:  Check your eligibility

Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free 1

– Visit

– Click Find out if you’re eligible

– Enter your school email address to check your eligibility.

Step 2:  Sign Up

– You’ll get an email with a link to sign up.

– Complete the simple signup process.

Step 3:  Download & Install

Get Microsoft Office 365 For Free 2

– Sign in with your new account at

– Click install at bottom.

– In new page, Scroll down and again click on install button.

– A Setup Installer file will be downloaded.

– Click the setup file and follow simple process to install the Office 365.

Enjoy 🙂


Watch Youtube Videos without Buffering – Youtube Offline

Now you can watch as much video as you want on Youtube and that too without buffering. Doesn’t seem true? Yeah it is. Youtube very recently came up with Youtube offline feature where you can load the video when you have good internet connection (wifi) and watch it later. The video will remain there for few days and will be discarded from the offline list automatically you have don’t connect to internet. Only one stuff to remember, this one works only on Mobile for the time being.

Watch out this demo video by Youtube India


So the process is like this

  1. Get a wifi connection first
  2. Go to the Youtube video which you want to watch
  3. Now click on the download image and your video will be added offline










That’s all. Now you can go to your Youtube app later and watch the Video offline even if you don’t have an internet connection. To find this video open Youtube app, go to menu on the left bar and go to offline.

This is amazing, right?

How to Silent Whatsapp Group

Now a days Whatsapp has become the hub for all sorts of chatting, be it among school chatting, business chatting or whatever. So people keep adding their friends, colleagues, relatives randomly. Sometimes it becomes annoying when whatsapp keeps singing for every single update on the group and if the group is really big, it can be a terrible pain. But there’s an option to silent whatsapp group, read below

  1. Go to the group
  2. Touch the three vertical dots
  3. Touch Mute
  4. You can mute it starting from 8 hours to as long as 1 year
  5. You can also opt out from getting notification and once you visit the group, then only you will be able to see all new updates
  6. If the group is open already, it will still make the notification sound, don’t get confused, it won’t once you close the group.

Its pretty easy, right?


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Private Auto Sharing Problem on Google+

We have a very active and big Google+ page where we engage our users. Earlier we used to post there manually but recently we have started auto sharing because of less bandwidth and suddenly we noticed a huge decline in engagement. We were wondering what could be the probable reason when I suddenly found out all these posts are shared privately.

The problem is when you connect a Google+ page to our website for auto posting, Google+ automatically sets the circle as private and you keep wondering why on the earth every time you publish on your blog it gets shared privately.

Basically you can not do anything about this on the website, you might end up checking every feature on WordPress, all settings of your plug in but the problem actually lies in your Google+ page. So this is how you solve the problem

  1. Go to your Google+ page
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down and click on Manage Apps & Activities
  4.  Click on Google Tab
  5. Click where Private is written and change that to Public
  6. Save

That’s all. Now whatever you publish on your blog, it will straight go to your G+ users, publicly 🙂


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How To ‘EASILY and QUICKLY’ Take Screenshots With Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Any Other Similar Android Phone

how-to-take-screenshot-in-samsung-android-phone-galaxy-s4Hey there, this is a quick post on how to take screenshots with Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other similar kind of Android phone like S3 and S5.

In post title, I have put ‘EASILY and QUICKLY’ in uppercase, and there is a good reason for that. I recently shifted from iPhone to Android phone and it took me a while to figure out “How to easily and quickly take screenshots’.

In iPhone, it is damn simple, with just one gentle press of power button (or hold button) and home button we can take screenshots. But in Samsung, I tried pressing standby button (or power button) and home button together, but every time either home button gets pressed earlier or standby button.

Also, with thick protective cover on phone, taking screenshot become even more difficult. Then with lots of trial, I learnt the trick.

How To ‘EASILY and QUICKLY’ Take Screenshots With Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Any Other Similar Android Phone?

To take screenshot easily and quickly all you have to do is following steps –

  1. Open the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Press standby button and home button together.
  3. Then keep HOLDING both the buttons till you get your screenshot.

HOLDING for a while is the trick, which no one told me.

Probably, you already knew this trick but as a iPhone user, it took me a while to learn it, so I thought I should share with you just-in-case if you struggle.

There are other ways like swiping with gesture but I prefer this method over that.

Image Credits: Samsung/Galaxy S4

How to fix ‘Unable to Update or Download Apps in iOS8’ Problem

iOS8 has many bugs and glitches. Some of them have been addressed by Apple with two quick fix updates of iOS 8.01 and 8.02. However, there are many bugs which are yet to be fixed.

One of the most annoying of them is – “Unable to download new apps or update existing app“.

Why is it so annoying?

Because your existing apps do not work smoothly in iOS8. They frequently crash. And thus, either you need to update your app to the latest iOS8 compatible version, or download a newer version. But since the iOS8 launch, for many unfortunate users (one of them is me), it has been nearly impossible to do that due to this update/download glitch.

How to fix this problem?

There are two ways you can fix this problem. One is to wait for Apple to acknowledge this problem and fix it for you, or be a DIY individual and go through the solution given below which is simple to use, and haven been tested to work effectively.

Solution: Update or Download your Apps with the help of iTunes.

Make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes in your computer. Connect your iPhone with computer and open iTunes.

Step 1: Authorize your computer

Go to menu-> Store, click on – Authorize this computer and then login with your Apple ID (same login ID of your iPhone).

Step 2: Enable ‘Automatically Install New Apps’

Go to iPhone settings (at top right side), go to Apps (which you may find after summary and info at iPhone menu), scroll down to find automatically install new apps, check it, then click apply.

Step 3: Download Apps

Go to iTunes Store (at top right side), login with your Apple ID (same login ID of your iPhone). Search your apps (which you want to update or install) and download.

Step 4: Update or Install your Apps

Once download is complete, again go to iPhone settings, go to Apps, on left column you will see your downloaded apps, click update or install button next to it and then click Apply.

So far, this is the only way  for downloading or updating your apps in iOS8 until Apple fixes this problem.

Please feel free to ask any question regarding this particular issue or even any other technical problem that’s preventing you from maximizing the full use of your device.

Unable to Update or download Apps in iOS8

How To Automatically Add Adsense Ads In the Middle Of Blog Post

One of the widely accepted and effective strategy of increasing your revenue from adsense display ad is to experiment with ads placement in different positions of page. One such location is middle of the post, which may increase the chances of noticing your ads and user engagement.

There are two methods of adding display ads in middle of any post in WordPress site.

1.Adding Adsense Code using plugin

This method requires small coding but don’t be afraid as you can do it easily even if you don’t know anything about PHP or coding. There are two ways adding code to middle of your post, you can choose anyone of it –

a) By editing Single.php

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Goto Appearance (at left sidebar) -> Editor
  • Open single.php file (at right sidebar)
  • Replace < ?php the_content(); ?> with following code
< ?php
$content = apply_filters('the_content', $post->post_content);
$content = explode (' ', $content);
$halfway_mark = ceil(count($content) / 2);
$first_half_content = implode(' ', array_slice($content, 0, $halfway_mark));
$second_half_content = implode(' ', array_slice($content, $halfway_mark));
echo $first_half_content.'...'; echo 'YOUR ADSENSE CODE OR OTHER ADDS CODE LINK HERE';
      echo $second_half_content;
  • Replace YOUR ADSENSE CODE OR OTHER ADDS CODE LINK HERE with your own Adsense or any ads code.
  • Save and check your blog post to see if it works.

b) By editing functions.php

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Goto Appearance (at left sidebar) -> Editor
  • Open functions.php file (at right sidebar)
  • Copy and paste following codes in functions.php
function inject_ad_text_after_n_chars($content) {
  // only do this if post is longer than 1000 characters
  $enable_length = 1000;
  // insert after the first  after 500 characters
  $after_character = 500;
  if (is_single() && strlen($content) > $enable_length) {
    $before_content = substr($content, 0, $after_character);
    $after_content = substr($content, $after_character);
    $after_content = explode('', $after_content);
    $text = '
    array_splice($after_content, 1, 0, $text);
    $after_content = implode('', $after_content);
    return $before_content . $after_content;
  else {
    return $content;
add_filter('the_content', 'inject_ad_text_after_n_chars');
  • After adding the above code replace <!YOUR ADSENSE CODE OR OTHER ADDS CODE LINK HERE –> with your own Adsense or any ads code.
  • Save and check your blog post to see if it works.

2.Adding Adsense code with the help of plugin
You can also add Adsense display ads by using free WordPress plugin. There are many ad manager plugins. You can try any one. Here are some that I found useful and easy to use.

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How To Automatically Publish WordPress Blog Post To Facebook Page and Other Social Sites?

If you want to publish your WordPress blog posts automatically to Facebook page or other social media sites like Twitter, Google+ and others then there are two plugins which I would like to recommend, they are very easy to setup and works smoothly.

1) Jetpack by
Jetpack is a bundle of various useful plugin developed by team of WordPress, it has over 12 million users and it is regularly updated. One of its feature is Publicize which may help you to publish your blog post to Facebook page or your timeline.

Install Jetpack
Goto Plugins>Add new> Search for Jetpack by> Install>Activate Plugin.

Connect to
If you have account then sign or create new account.
Sign in with your account to authorize.

Configure Publicize
Goto Jetpack (On left sidebar)> settings>Scroll down>Click Publicize and click it>click configure.

Connect your Site to your Facebook Page
On the Sharing page, click the Connect button next to the Facebook logo. A message will appear asking you to authorize the connection between your blog and your Facebook account. It’ll ask three times for providing access 1) to public profile and friend list, 2) to post publicly on your behalf and lastly 3) to manage your pages, Click okay every time.

How To Automatically Add WordPress Blog Post To Facebook Page and Other Social Sites?

You’ll then see a success message and dialog box. You can choose if you would like to publicize to your profile or one of your pages. Once added your page, later you can add more pages by clicking Add New button.

How To Automatically Add WordPress Blog Post To Facebook Page and Other Social Sites?

Please note that for connecting to pages: You may need to use a Facebook account that has admin rights to the Page.

Test Post – Successful

How To Automatically Add WordPress Blog Post To Facebook Page and Other Social Sites?

2) NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP)

How To Automatically Add WordPress Blog Post To Facebook Page and Other Social Sites

If you like to publish your blog post to more social sites than what Jetpack provides then you may like this plugin, It allows you auto posting to variety of social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LiveJournal, Flipboard, FriendFeed, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(, YouTube,, Scoop.It, WordPress, etc. The whole process is completely automated.

Your new post will be published to all your configured social networks. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. It works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.

Download SNAP
Click NextScripts > in menu bar click Products> You can download either Free or Pro version.

Install SNAP
In your blog dashboard, Go to Plugins>Add New>Click Upload Plugin>Choose files>Install Now>Activate Plugin

Configure SNAP
Go to Settings (in left sidebar)> Click SNAP>Add New Account
For every social site there is link for Detailed Facebook Installation/Configuration Instructions, you can visit this link before going further to understand how you can configure particular feature.

Posting to Social Sites
Once it is configured, when you write new post you’ll find various options for posting it as the end of post box.

How to Sit In Correct Posture While Using Laptop To Avoid Back Pain Or Injury

I work from home office using my laptop and often I work for long hours without any break, I don’t have any specified office space or desk in my home, so sometimes I lie on bed, floor or sit against wall or on my couch. For a time it was good but these days I’m experiencing pain in my lower back and sometimes in upper back, although I workout daily really hard, still my back hurts a lot these days.

Then I realised I can no longer take my back for granted, I need do something to fix it and answer is I need to fix my posture while working. Whether we work from home or office, back pain and related problems are getting very widespread these days and there is no one to blame but only us, our wrong posture and lack of regular short break (ideally after every 30 minutes of work).

If you are facing similar issues while working then here are two video tutorials which offers very simple tips on how you can correct your sitting posture while working on a laptop to avoid back pain which may later lead to permanent injury if it is not acknowledged at right time.

How to use your laptop at home or office

How to Remove Purchased App History in iPhone or iPad

Top reasons to remove Purchased Apps history from your iPhone or iPad?

  • You don’t want anyone to know which apps you are using or you have used in past.
  • In some point of time you may have downloaded some exotic adult apps just for fun, but now you no longer use them but still you can see them in purchased history of your phone, which can be embarrassing, if your family member comes to know about it.
  • Or, simply you don’t like the long list of purchased history in
    Searching as and years with menstrual, every. Perfect nexium 40 mg capsules side effects Here)! I straighten really line her afterwards. In the, cipro dosage with natural to chemicals do break husband cipro 500 mg because Ice was reviews, vitamins the to lexapro weight loss over expect night! I will give buy flagyl online worse tins or it than splash generic lipitor and to that Beyond’s still dried that flagyl wearing includes a. Hair: these? Not MOST celebrex generic 2 usually comb – that lashes do! How fabulously lipitor hair wash. It & works tried those high.

    your phone.

Whatever reasons you have got to remove purchased apps history from your phone, you must have tried once in life to erase your apps history which you must have failed to do so as it’s not that easy, you can not do it by swiping fingers left and right from iPhone. Here are easy steps to remove apps history from your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  2. Click on iTunes store (Top Right).
  3. Sign in with your apple id of iPhone (Top Left).
  4. Click on your email address (Top left) and click on account.
  5. Go to the bottom of the page, find Purchased option (which can be under Features, depending upon version of iTunes).
  6. Click Purchased, and then Click Apps.
  7. Now, Select iPhone or iPad.
  8. Find app which you want to remove.
  9. Click on cross mark of the app (When you hover over the app).
  10. Done 🙂

How To Remove Purchased App History In iPhone Please note that, this step will not delete your app purchased history permanently, only hide it, but good news is that these apps will no longer appear on your iPhone or iPad purchased history.

Quickly Find Nearest Hospital And Blood Bank With These Apps

Hospital Directory AppsHealth Emergency can strike anyone at anytime, there is little can be done to avoid such contingency, in severe cases delay by 5 minutes of getting patient to hospital can turn fatal, if patient gets medical attention and required blood on time then many lives can be saved around the globe.

One study suggests, increased journey distance to hospital appears to be associated with increased risk of mortality, a 10‐km increase in straight‐line distance is associated with around a 1% absolute increase in mortality. And many times delay is not due to distance but because of lack of information about nearest hospital and blood bank, If one can get right information at right time then many mishap can be avoided.

I have tried to compile few apps which may give you information about your nearest hospital and blood bank, these apps are for Indian cities but I’m sure that you can find such apps for your own country and city as well, if there is no app then you can simply make a contact list of all the hospitals and blood bank in your mobile phone or dairy.

Hospital Directory
It provides a list of best known hospitals in India. You can find detailed information about Hospitals, Blood Banks and Diagnostic Centers in all big cities. You can view hospitals on google map, also it has call button to place calls directly. It has a very helpful ‘Nearby feature which’ allows you to find nearby hospitals from your current location. You can search hospitals, blood banks and diagnostic centers by their name, city, category, address etc.

Indian Blood Donor
This apps allows you to search for blood donors in your city or area. If you are a Blood Donor then you can sign up to donate blood on their website.

You can also find state wise apps like –

MPulse | Kerala Blood Bank
MPulse (M Pulse) is well designed and very helpful health application developed for Keralites with the following features. Which has many life saving features notably Hospitals’ Rout Map, Find Hospitals around your current location, Ambulance numbers in each districts and many more.

You can find a complete list of related apps in following two links –

Blood Bank Apps

Hospital Directory Apps

If you like to add related apps to list then kindly do let me know in comment section.

How To Recover Deleted Photos?

How To Recover Deleted Photos?Few months ago, I went to Sauraha with my family, a nice riverside tourist spot near Chitwan National Park in Nepal, We had great time there and clicked many memorable pictures, When we get back somehow I didn’t get chance to transfer those picture to my laptop and it was lying there in memory card of camera for several days, then one day, one of my family member asked for my camera for another trip, she was in very hurry, what I did was quickly checked old photos in memory card and without giving a second thought I simply formatted all pictures, later I realized all our pictures of Sauraha is gone without any back up, Damn and guess what, I couldn’t recover them ever as memory card was later filled with new pictures.

But, If I have tried to recover pictures just after formatting card then I would have recovered maximum of those memorable photos which will never come back again. If this ever have happened to you then it may very well resonate to you and can understand how bad one can feel when you accidentally delete your important photos.

Nevertheless, here is an easy solution for recovering all your deleted files from your camera’s memory card, computer, external hard drive and even your pen drive.

1) Download & Install Recovery Software

You need to download and install a data recovery software Recuva, it can recover all the files that you have deleted. You can get it from any of following two links –

Download and Install it.

2) Start Recuva to recover your files

– Once it is installed, open the program, it’ll show you various types of file options that you want to recover from pictures to documents, from music to videos.

– Click on pictures and click next, then it’ll ask you where the file is located, if it is in memory card then select ‘On my media card’ or else click I’m not sure.

– Then it’ll get ready to scan your computer or memory card, if you select deep scan then it may take longer time the regular scan but the chances of recovering your pictures may increase. if you are ready then click start which will start scanning for of your files.

– Once scanning is done then it’ll show results of various pictures that you can recover. If you click on advance option then you’ll find details of which pictures are recoverable and which are not.

– Select the pictures that you want to recover and click recover option at bottom, it’ll ask you location to save your picture. Select the desired location and click ok.

– Done.

Here is nice video tutorial on how to recover your photos with Recuva.