How Small Business Owners Can Get Business Through Classifieds Ads

redsome-classified-ads Do you wish to promote your business in the online space, through smartly framed with classified ads? If yes, then first you need to grab the concept of this type of advertising. And you don’t need to hire anyone or any professional. Just follow our instruction and implement like that.

Online classifieds ad is a kind of advertising service, through which you can promote your business, products, and website. It will help to generate more traffic to your business and increase links to your site. It works in the same manner as advertisements in Newspapers, Magazines etc.

Free classified ad services are available online, through which you can post your ads. For creating ads,however, you need to follow some parameters, to get the best results from them. For example, ads have to be written in a descriptive manner, including Name, Address, Ph Number, Website URL, Price, E-mail address and image(s) of the service or the product being promoted.

Classified ads are great resources for those who are:

  • Not getting rank in the organic search results
  • Not getting immediate response for their products and services
  • Not able to afford promotions in organic listings through Search Engine PPC
  • Startups, who want business from all possible sources.

Points you need to follow, before posting your ads:

  • To get the best from your classified ads, you need to ensure that the ads’ directories have a high page rank.
  • Every directory has its own terms and conditions for accepting or rejecting ads. Before you post the ads, check the guidelines of that directory and create ads according to them.
  • Classified ads can be active for 30 days or less, depending upon the terms and conditions of that directory. You need to remember the time limits, and reactivate the ads after that.

The biggest advantage of the ads is that, they are posted immediately and customers can start contacting you immediately. You don’t need to wait for 4-6 months to get organic rankings. However, the main disadvantage of these ads is credibility and price. Most of the customers generally look for cheaper rates and negotiate a lot.

10 Things You Should Know About Google Local Listing

Google Local Listing

  1. Its FREE: A free service by Google wherein you can enlist your business or your mailing address so as to rank higher in the local search and get the maximum leads for your business.
  2. Register: Goto, create an account, using your business name and start following the instructions.
  3. Ensure its Not a Repetition: Enter your business’s main phone number to see if Google Maps already has some information about your business. You’ll then be able to edit any existing information and add new details, including photos and videos.
  4. Bulk Upload: Have more than 10 business listings? Add them quickly by using bulk upload.
  5. Adding Basic Info: Add the accurate information about your company with website, description and category.
  6. Extra Information: Add more information such as : Does your business provide services, such as delivery or home repair, to locations in a certain area? Working Hours , payment options etc
  7. Upload Photo: A very good technique to stand out in the crowd. You can upload your logo, staff’s photo, office area etc.
  8. PIN Verification (Phone): You will have to apply for PIN Verification, i.e either you will receive a call or SMS from Google specifying a few digits which you need to confirm in this account. This is an instant process.
  9. PIN Verification (Mail) : You can also add your mailing address and wait for mail (This option takes 1-3 weeks to receive the PIN via postcard.).
  10. Update your Listing: Keep updating your listing after every few months to ensure that you’re listing is upto date.