How to activate lower 3rd in Hangout (Your name and picture)

So what is lower 3rd in Hangout (if you don’t know it)

Screenshot 2014-01-04 17.45.47

Here in the picture can you see the lady name with a logo(picture). This is called lower third. It is very important when you talk to people who don’t know you or if you are having a hangout on air of if it’s some kinda formal hangout. Today we will learn how to do it,Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.21.42 am

  1. In the left hand side you must be seeing some options like chat, screenshare etc etc. At the bottom you will find 3 dots together, just click on them
  2. Go to add apps
  3. Scroll down and find Hangout toolbox
  4. Install this extension
  5. Now at the right hand side you will find something like this,
  6. The first option, which looks like a person (just beside the volume icon), click on that
  7. Adjust your name or even you can change it if you want
  8. Turn it on
  9. Save it
  10. You lower 3rd is ready

Note: you might see the mirror image of your lower 3rd, don’t be scared, other people will see it right.

Difference between Hangout and Hangout on air


Many people kept asking us the difference between Hangout and Hangout on air. So we thought why not write a blog about it and here it is.

Let us tell first what this hangout is because many people, we believe, do not know it too.

Well, Hangout is a product by Google+ . The concept is more or less like Skype but its more advanced.

  • 10 people at a time can do video chat here
  • The clarity of audio and video are much much better
  • You can share your screen
  • You can share google drive, slideshare and all other major or popular things right from the hangout
  • You can customize your hangout as well, say for example you can add multiple things, sounds, pictures, funny parts like a moustache in your video or crown in your video (just for fun)
  • & plenty of other options

Difference between Hangout and Hangout on air
In a word, it is an advanced audio video system than Skype.

So now coming back to the question we started with, what is hangout on air and how it is different from hangout?

  • Hangout on air is a hangout which is live streamed by Google+, by Youtube
  • If you put the snippet given by Youtube in your website, it can be live streamed from your website as well
  • This hangout on air will be saved in youtube, so you can go later and watch it
  • You can select your audience and that audience can watch this hangout from any part of the world
  • People who are subscribed to your youtube channel will also be able to watch this even if you have not selected them as audience

So basically Hangout on air is a hangout only which is live streamed and recorded by Youtube,

Hope that helps 🙂


How to Change Language for Different Google Products

Till this time changing language in Google products is really difficult because different products has different ways of changing language and you actually can’t change language for all different products at one go, you will have to do it separately. So here is the process for different products

A. Google search engine
1. Go to
2. select language just below the Google name

1. Go to
2. Select the settings, check at the right bottom corner
3. Select search settings
4. Go to language
5. Select your language
6. Save it

B. Chrome
1. Open chrome
2. Click on the button which is at the extreme top extreme right corner
3. Go to settings
4. Go to show advanced settings
5. Select language and input settings under language
6. Click on add
7. Select language
8. Drag to change order
9. Click on done

C. Youtube
1. Go to
2. Go to extreme bottom
3. Click on English
4. Select language

D. Youtube
1. Open
2. Click on the settings icon on the top right corner
3. Click on Youtube settings
4. Select Email from the left hand list
5. Go to extreme bottom, change language

E. Gmail
1. Open your mail
2. Click on the settings icon
3. Go to settings
4. Change language from the very first list of the very first tab
5. You can change language for other google products as well but this one doesn’t work properly all the time

F. Android UI
1. Go to settings
2. Go to Language and Inputs
3. Touch language
4. Select your language

G. Android Input methods
1. Go to settings
2. Go to Language and Inputs
3. Go to Keyboard and Input methods
4. Check “………. Input method” and tap ok (……. = your language)
5. Choose it as your default input method
6. To change it, check on the globe icon to cycle through the chosen language

Hope that helps, let us know your inputs. Keep Googling, in YOUR LANGUAGE.

Some stats about Whatsapp

whatsapp-statics-1After the $19B purchase of Whatsapp, it is creating a new buzz in the market. Whatsapp and Facebook are both giants in their fields, so what would be the next scene. To predict the future you need to know the past and here are some amazing stats about whatsapp collected from various sources, hope you will like’em

  1. Whatsapp has almost 450M monthly average user out of which almost 70% is active on any given day
  2. People send 19B messages and receives 34B messages including audio, video, text each day
    • 600M photos are uploaded each day.
    • 200M voice messages sent each day.
    • 100M video messages sent per day.
  3. 450 M active users as of Feb, 2014.
  4. Everyday Whatsapp is gaining 1M users (insane, isn’t it?)
  5. Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19B
  6. Whatsapp has only 50 staffs
  7. Whatsapp is the second biggest deal so far, the biggest deal was of $25B when HP paid to compaq in a bid to compete with IBM, sept, 2001.
  8. If the whole money is distributed equally among all employees, each of them will get $350 M which is almost 5 times of what employees of Instagram would have got

Hope this stats will excite you, keep reading. 🙂

Whatsapp For $19 BN, What Could Be The Reason?


Till this time you must have heard about the epic buy of Whatsapp for $19B. It is the biggest buy so far. But why? I mean, come on, whatsapp doesn’t have a revenue model, its doing good but the market is volatile and nobody knows if people will keep using whatsapp once it becomes paid since they have other options like whatsapp. So what’s the point?

There are few things we could think of, again, its just a perception and please don’t consider it as a news.

  1. The social market is volatile and nobody can guarantee to keep the market share in next 10 years. So there has to be different products for any brand to sustain in the market. What if someday Facebook fails? Well, now they have Instagram and Whatsapp  – positive reason
  2. As per the trend whatsapp is soon going to cross 500M benchmark and if, say suppose once they introduce paid version and only 10% remains in Whatsapp then too we are talking about 50 million users, if they pay 1$ each Facebook will only get $50 Million. So this can’t be a reason – negative reason
  3. Facebook wants to get into personal conversation like Google does through gmail and then use these conversations to make the system better for user since they would understand the users psychology – may be reason
  4. Facebook will integrate its system with whatsapp in such a way that people can start whatsapping from facebook itself or people can start facebooking from whatsapp itself and this can be a major game changer – strong reason
  5. Facebook just wants to improve its reach. facebook wants to keep whatsapp just to keep all those valuable users
  6. Facebook will start advertising in whatsapp too – whatsapp has already revealed that this won’t be done – negative reason

So far we believe there are 3 major reasons behind this epic buy and these three are,

  1. Social media market is volatile and Facebook wants to strengthen its position through whatsapp
  2. Facebook will integrate its system with Whatsapp to reach more people and to engage more people
  3. Facebook wants to increase the number of total user

Let us know your thought on this topic.

How to Clean Your Mobile RAM Manually in Android Smart Phone?


android-run-fast-speed-650x0The most common problem smart phone users face is shortage of space. This article is about how do you clean your ram and make some space free so that your mobile runs without interruption.

  1. Touch the left touch panel, you will be given few options
  2. Scroll and select manage apps
  3. Go to all apps
  4. Just wait for 10 seconds
  5. Again touch the left touch panel
  6. Sort by size
  7. Now you will see apps with sizes in a descending order(higher size to lower size)
  8.  Don’t select any Google apps, select any other app like facebook, whatsapp, linkedin etc
  9. Now you have two options, you can either move them to SD card or you can clear data
  10. If you have cleared data, now close that window.
  11. Go to that particular app from your menu which data is cleared  just now.
  12. Touch that app
  13. Put your credentials
  14. Get started again
  15. Repeat the process once you face the problem again (you can continue doing it with facebook, likedin, whatsapp etc)

Does Running Facebook Ads As An Admin Gives Certain Advantage?

Facebook ads as admin

The question is simple, we have been hearing people asking running ads on facebook gives certain advantages, and we tried to find out how true is that. So we did an experiment, we run same ads as admin and as non-admin and tried to find out the differences. What we found out was shocking, just read the post and you will find out.

1) First we set ad as non admin.

We are giving a screenshot below, remember, this screenshot is very important, will explain later.


And here is how we set the ad

Without being admin

  • Country: United States
  • Age: 13 to no max
  • Gender: all
  • Precise interests: Movies, Entertainment, Bengali Language
  • Broad Category: Movie/Film (all)
  • Connection: Anyone
  • Friends of connection: None
  • Account Currency: USD
  • Account Country: United States
  • Account Time Zone: America/Los Angles
  • New Campaign Name: Test
  • New Campaign Budget: 10 USD/Day
  • Campaign Schedule: Run my campaign continuously starting today
  • Optimization: Optimize for clicks, Manually Bid for clicks
  • Suggested Bid by Facebook: $0.53–$1.74 USD


2) And then we ran the same ad from the admin account, and see what we have found


This customization of ad did not appear while setting the ad from non admin account.


Also this remove option did not come earlier if you can remember (follow the 1st screenshot we have given)

Now let’s see what happened to the suggested bid

  • Country: United States
  • Age: 13 to no max
  • Gender: all
  • Precise interests: Movies, Entertainment, Bengali Language
  • Broad Category: Movie/Film (all)
  • Connection: Anyone
  • Friends of connection: None
  • Account Currency: USD
  • Account Country: United States
  • Account Time Zone: America/Los Angles
  • New Campaign Name: Test
  • New Campaign Budget: 10 USD/Day
  • Campaign Schedule: Run my campaign continuously starting today
  • Optimization: Optimize for clicks, Manually Bid for clicks
  • Suggested Bid by Facebook: $0.54–$1.83 USD

To our surprise we have seen the suggested bid was even increased. For the same ad the suggested bid was $0.53–$1.74 USD.

So we came to the conclusion that yes, running ad as admin gives you certain advantages but at the cost of increased bid. So now it’s up to you. If you want to set your own ad then you will have to pay some extra, else you can run ad from a non admin account.

Thanks for reading.


Search Engine Advertising Vs Social Media Advertising

search engine vs socila media - redsome

Few days ago a salesman suddenly came to my door. I was getting ready for my office and suddenly the appearance of a salesman I didn’t like at all. Nobody likes the person who takes your money away I guess.

He asked me –

“can I have your two minutes sir?”

“Go on but make it fast, I am getting late for my office”

“Sir, I won’t take it that long. Recently our company …….. has launched a new car which has got A+ by ……., this car is superb in terms of mileage, looks, performance, in a word this is the most advanced car in such a price currently in the market”

“Please, come to the point fast, what am I supposed to

“Sir, would you like to buy this car, if you buy this car now we will give you discount of 10% and….”

“What are you talking about, how can I buy a car right now, it’s a long term process, I need time to think about it and its not a daily investment, I can’t buy it now”

“But sir, 10% discount.”

“Not interested, sorry, have a good day”

So this was the scene, I hope you already got it, it’s an example of interrupt marketing. So when it comes to placing your ads over internet the only thing you need to understand who your customers are. So suppose you want to sell Tees or Denims social media is cool as well as search engine but when it comes to any other costly things for which decisions can’t be taken within an hour, social media is not cool at all.

Let me give you an example, suppose you want to sell computers like laptops or desktops. So since those things are a bit costly people don’t like to take the decision just like that, so if you are using social media for this, this won’t help you. On the other hand if you are selling sunglasses, then social media can be good since these are not that costly and people can buy then just like that.

So let’s make things a little arranged, my mother always used to tell me that I am very bad at it.

So there are two types of things

  • Which for people takes decision instantly (most of the time they are cheap)
  • Which for they take time and does not buy instantly(most of the times they are costly)

So when it comes to things which for people take decisions instantly you can use social media as well as search engine where as for other type you can use search engine only.

But why those things which for people don’t take decision instantly will work in search engine.

Because they are looking for it and that means they are ready to buy it. If they are searching in search engine that means they are looking for it and they are more likely to buy it ,but when you are targeting you don’t know whether those people are looking for it or not and so you are interrupting them, just like the salesperson who interrupted me.

Hope this would help you.

“Half My Advertising Is Wasted..” Find Out How You Can Save Your Money On Advertising?


That day I was going to a market with a friend of mine and saw an interesting banner,  it was saying


and just beside that it was written

“Now as we have your attention, check out our new offer for Christmas special ,buy 1 pizza and get 1 free.”

This kind of ads might not be new for you but I saw it for the first time.

Later I asked my friend what did he think of that banner and to my surprise he said that he didn’t notice that ads.

This is what happens most of the time, business invests so much money for the advertisement but it does not reach people whom it should, some part of your advertising is always wasted. John Wanamaker, he may not sound familiar to you but he is very famous in the advertising industry for his quote,

“Half my advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”

So I was searching if there is any option to stop wasting money in advertising and making sure all of my money is used (and not wasted) in advertising. Then I came to know about digital marketing and found it very interesting over traditional marketing because of few reasons. I will explain’em but first I will explain how this will help you to stop wasting your money.

It will give you exact data, yes EXACT DATA how many people are coming to your website, how many people are converting or giving you business and even how many people are seeing your advertisement. But the question remains same

“Now I know which half of my money is wasted and how, but what on the earth makes any difference if I don’t know how to reduce it?”

So now you know at least which half is wasted. Since the time you know it you start working on reducing it. You show better ads and make sure the user is seeing and coming to business. You will also get to know which ads are doing good and make changes accordingly. Since you have data, that will tell you what’s not working and how to make it better and whether is it doing better. Ultimately after proper optimization you create ads which will maximize your profit through your advertisement.

  1. It will allow you to show your ads on Google, Facebook (have you ever thought of fixing your banners in Facebook or Google building? Yes is the answer and I will call the mental hospital) But this is possible online, people will see your ads in Google search engine, Facebook and in many other websites that you prefer.
  2. It will give you proper and exact data and you come to know what is working, what is not working. How other people are doing it, what you should do. The finest part is Data which if you want to collect offline through surveys will cost thousand and even millions dollar and you get it here free.
  3. The third may be the last point but the most important. Are you tired of showing your adult ads to grandpas, kid’s video games macho man or ladies garments to busy businessman?

Can I still do it?

Enough is enough, no more wrong targeting..

Online marketing gives you the liberty to target right and specific people, if they ain’t your target group, they are not gonna see your ads. And let not the almighty control your luck, you control it and you do what you want to do. You want to show your ads to Piedmont? Yes you can. You want to show your ads to people who are between 18-45, oh yes you can. You want to show your ads to couple who are recently married, DAMN, YOU CAN.

I won’t say offline ads are not good and stop it. But better you start exploring online marketing too, people are doing it and earning millions of dollar. 97% of Google’s income come from online advertisement.

Enough lesson for today, may be you owe me something for all those knowledge, how about a coffee on Sunday?

Stay connected.

Specification for Adwords Ads


Sometimes it becomes very difficult to find out what the ads should be, i.e. specification of ads. I have seen people creating display ads greater than 50 kb size, ultimately of no use. So it’s better to know the specification before starting working on this.

There are two types of ads, they are-

  1. Display ads
  2. Search engine ads

The specifications for them are given below-

1.Display ads

File Type: .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF

File Size: 50 kb or smaller

Supported File Sizes:

  • Mobile leader board: 320 x 50
  • Banner: 468 x 60
  • Leader board: 728 x 90
  • Square: 250 x 250
  • Small Square: 200 x 200
  • Large rectangle: 336 x 280
  • Inline rectangle: 300 x 250
  • Skyscraper: 120 x 600
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600
  • Half-page: 300 x 600

In case of GIF ads –

  • Animation length must be 30 seconds or shorter
  • Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
  • Animated GIF ads must be 5 fps or slower
  • Animated GIFs cannot be used in mobile or tablet ads

2. Search engine ads

  • Headline: Max 25 Characters including space
  • Description Line 1 : Max 35 Characters including spaces
  • Description Line 2 : Max 35 Characters including spaces
  • Display URL : Max 35 Characters.

All ads should not

  • Use excess capitalization
  • Use excess symbols
  • Use incorrect grammar
  • Use brand name

Hope this will help you.

Top Questions That Are Asked in Elance Test For Adwords

I am just going to mention the category of the questions they ask in Elance and some knowledge about it. Though I know all the actual questions they ask but I won’t reveal them since that will be unethical. The categories on which they ask questions are

1.Keywords match type

There are mainly four types of match types, they are

  • Broad : In this match type suppose the keyword is online shirt, then your ad can be shown for any of those search term test-anxiety
    • Online shirt
    • Online
    • Shirt
    • Any other search terms having either online, or shirt or both.
    • Display URL longer than 35 character.
    • Phrase : In this match type suppose the keyword is “online shirt” then your ads will be shown for any search terms having online shirt together in the same order, it won’t show ads for shirt online but will show only search terms having both the terms (online and shirt ) and in the same order.
    • Exact: In this match type for the keyword [online shirt] ads will only be seen for the search term online shirt and nothing else, it has to be very exact to the keywords and no variations will be considered.
    • Broad modifier match: In this system for the keyword +online +shirt ads will be shown for any search terms having both the term online and shirt. The difference with phrase with this match type is this match type is irrespective of order.

2.Cost per click

Few funda about cost per click

  • It is lesser than the default cost per click since Adwords helps you to get the lowest CPC.
  • Default CPC can only be set at ad group level.

3.Relation between CTR, Quality score and Ad position

CTR = no. of clicks/impression * 100 We know that higher the CTR better will be the quality score, and higher the ad position better is the CTR. Therefore the relation between these three are Ad position α CTR α Quality score

4.Adwords Ad budget

When Adwords ad budget are increased or decreased the ad position does not change with this. Ad position is dependent on the bid and not on the budget. Neither ad budget has anything to do with CPC as CPC is dependent on the competition of the keywords, no matter what is the budget, CPC will remain change and its up to you whether you want to acquire better ad position by increasing your bid, i.e. CPC. However ad position does influence no. of clicks and impressions since more the budget more is the chance of getting higher clicks and impressions (assuming the budget is not sufficient for the current campaign). Adwords ad budget can only be set at a campaign level and not on a ad group or keyword level.

5.Change History Report

Change history report

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helps you to keep track of all the changes done in your account and by which use (if it is shared with others). It gives you data up to 2 years old data and you can data of all implementation. Look at the picture to know what reports it gives. untitled6

6.Campaign performance

Your campaign’s current performance can be evaluated by the following stats

  • Cost/conversion
  • CPC
  • Avg position
  • No. of conversions
  • No. of clicks

(Image Source: